Tick-SR - Removes Ticks on Contact
SR = Safe Release
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Your dog has a tick... What do you do?
Use Tick-SR™ to safely and easily remove ticks.

Tick-SR™ is patented new product. It works by dissolving the "glue" that creates a bond between the tick and the dog. At the same time it impedes the blood flow to the affected area, thus the tick's ability to feed. With the glue and food supply disrupted; the tick can be more easily removed.


Tick-SR does not kill ticks. Tick-SR aides in the safe removal of attached ticks. In addition, Tick-SR helps to prevent infection at the puncture site.

Tick-SR uses ingredients that are safe for humans and dogs.

Available in single use wipes and bottles. Removing a tick is made easy by this patented new product.

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